About S.H.E.

About S.H.E.

The Chamber of Mines works with Government, labour and Small-Scale Miners organisations with the objective that mining operations cause no harm or injury to those working in mines. This is done through encouraging mines to develop and implement safety, occupational health and environmental systems at their operations.

In this regard the Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe works with the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development’s Mining Engineering Department that is responsible for the safety and health inspectorate function. It works with National Social Security Authority which is the lead agency for occupational health and safety in the country.

In addition, it works with the Environmental management Agency the national authority on environmental management.

The Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe established a standing committee on Safety Health and Environment, the SHE Committee, whose mandate is to make recommendation to the Executive Committee on SHE issues in the mining industry.

Membership to this committee is open to all members of the Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe.